Finally here!


In New Zealand at last after 39 hours of travelling. We’ve checked into our motel, been out and had a very good takeaway (from the Wok On Inn!) and stretched our legs by walking round the local sport fields. Lots of European bird species everywhere, in fact we still haven’t seen a native one!

Off to bed now – in the morning we’ll be picking up our camper van and heading to the Willowbank kiwi reserve.

Gone fishing…


Waiting by the indoor koi pond at Singapore Changi for our onward flight to Christchurch. Tropical thunderstorm rumbling outside. Our flight from London passed over Iran and Afghanistan during the night, before meeting the dawn over Kashmir. Great views of the smaller islands around Singapore on the final approach… First time I’ve ever seen mangroves!

Baggage Check


We’ve just finished a long evening packing our bags properly – we’d already done a couple of test packs but this is the real deal. Aside from a few last minute bits the bags are ready to go out the door, and we still have five days! The hardest bit of packing was keeping our carry-on bags under Singapore Airline’s 7kg weight limit – not easy with an SLR camera and a couple of lenses each…