News from the North…

Another lightning update – we’re just getting ready to head off to a garage (nothing serious, just a slight problem with the van’s domestic water pump) and then we’ll be driving towards Lake Taupo. Our itinerary has changed around a bit over the last few days as we’ve managed to fit so much in already – after Taupo we’ll be going straight to Trounson and probably staying there until it’s time to head back to Auckland.

We had a great ferry crossing – the Cook Strait didn’t live up to its fearsome reputation and we had great views of the Queen Charlotte Sound. On Thursday night we went to Zealandia (a fenced wildlife sanctuary in Wellington) where we had some great views of Little Spotted Kiwi, Tuatara and Weta. Yesterday we went to Kapiti Island, a predator free reserveĀ  off the west coast where we caught up with some of the birds we’ve missed so far (Whitehead, Stitchbird, North Island Robin and Saddleback) and also saw wild Takahe for the first time.

Time to hit the road!

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